Garden, Outdoors & Craft Supplies

Garden, Outdoors & Craft Supplies

We may observe that they are expanding and hot categories to work on if we define such a category for online sales in a single sentence, or if we directly connect it to the Low Hanging Fruits. One of the reasons these categories grew like a money plant was that pre-pandemic marketplaces drew customers in with low prices and offered considerable fee savings to sellers! Even without marketing or advertising, major businesses have grown at an 80% sales rate on popular online marketplace platforms.

Since the shutdown, hobby-based industries such as gardening, arts and crafts as well as a consulting agency for amazon seller have thrived. Because we were all at home, we focused on creative pursuits like gardening and crafts, and items related to them sold well. Despite the lockdown, various outdoor products such as swimming pool accessories, water pumps, solar panels, generators and inverters, and insect catcher/killers were popular after the epidemic, with some companies increasing at a 300% annual rate.

Garden, Outdoors & Craft Supplies Statistics

  • 60% of people are willing to pay more for a home or apartment with a garden area, and these are potential customers who can be found online as internet sales are rapidly increasing. Due to the pandemic, customers are avoiding busy areas.

  • By December 2021, all Garden outside demand is observed to have grown by 150% organically.

  • Garden tools, insecticides, mosquito nets, outdoor camping and BBQ machines, and lawnmowers are expected to grow by more than 200% annually. Due to fewer providers, new companies are predicted to garner 50% of traffic from these categories.

  • Since the beginning of 2019, a total of 30% more merchants have been added to this category.

  • Only 30% of the products are manufactured in the country, with the other 70% originating from Korea, China, and Singapore.

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Glorious Examples
Glorious Examples

Glorious Examples

Sharpex is a brand with whom we have worked for the past three years, and we have a better understanding of product needs than the current pick demand days. Sharpex has been manufacturing top-of-the-line lawnmowers and professional gardening products for over two decades. The brand was created with the idea of providing premium and high-quality products. Sharpex expanded at a rate of 120-150% per year for the past three years! Furthermore, the brand has grown into various sub-categories such as Garden and outdoor decor, as well as certain utility-based products.



As the category increases, so does real competition, and customer experience to customer knowledge grows in tandem! In recent years, there has been a good movement in the category from numerous products to the diverse quality of products, with overall customers favoring good quality products over terrible quality products. For instance, if a person is starting a gardening interest, they may use lower-priced materials at first. Still, to achieve good results, they may transition to higher-quality products and avoid specific products. In the same way, vendors/brands eventually learn about client behavior and knowledge levels of the product! This results in better outcomes and a more developed market.

Brands that learn and grasp such concepts and adapt their goods to discoveries grow faster than the general category. For example, in the preceding example of brand Sharpex, the brand expanded at 120% while the overall category grew at a rate of 80%. Similarly, obtaining the proper goods while the client is attempting to comprehend the class is critical because the product outside the customer's understanding kills the brand. For example, if a brand tried to sell an Indoor electric Herb planter before 2-3 years, it would have been a colossal disaster because it targets the premium to luxury category, and customers were attempting to understand the demand for self-watering planters online.

Overcoming such obstacles is critical when the category is rapidly expanding, and choosing the appropriate products at the correct pricing is essential as competition grows by the day. Calibray works directly with clients, following their vision and developing new methods to help brands multiply in the online marketplaces arena. Check out our services page to learn more, or contact us personally for a free consultation!

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