The online furniture business in North America is estimated to be over $100 billion, while the Indian sector is estimated to be around ?35,000 crores. The epidemic has produced big impacts and a good surge after Covid relaxations in both markets! Customers are rapidly using mobile devices to conduct searches, with mobile devices accounting for over 65% of all queries, with that number likely to climb to 80% in the near future. Mobile devices account for nearly half of all transactions. Mattresses, sofas, coffee tables, and revolving chairs are the most widely purchased items in the furniture category since the work from home scenario has created a strong reason to purchase a chair for working from home.

Furniture Industry Statistics

  • In the United States, 80% of people have purchased furniture online; but, in India, 40% of people have done so.

  • More than 90% of the industry's overall growth is attributed to online sales.

  • B2B sales make for 30% of overall sales in the furniture eCommerce sector in the United States, whereas they account for around 23% internationally and less than 5% in India!

  • Furniture and home goods sales make for 16% of total sales on the internet with the help of product listing services for Amazon. However, household items and commodities account for the majority of sales, with furniture accounting for far too little.

  • 86% of furniture merchants use social media, and online marketplaces account for more than half of mature store sales - Pepperfry, for example, has 65% of sales from online and 35% from offline locations.

  • Pinterest aided 45% of users in making a home goods buying decision. At the same time, the Artistic Catalogue designs from Wayfair and Overstock bring in higher-priced product sales with a better consumer experience.

  • Furniture companies advertise on Facebook in 88% of cases, and Pinterest and Twitter in 60% of cases.

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Glorious Examples
How to Reach more Users?

Glorious Examples

As we've seen, tiny furniture and products like beds and revolving chairs are popular among first-time buyers. Wakefit, for example, has evolved from selling 1-2 mattresses weekly to selling 2500+ beds every day and is gradually increasing its focus on the category's development. As a result, they started selling on a popular online marketplace initially and quickly grew in popularity. Deck Up is another brand that comes to mind; the company is completely focused on selling engineered wood goods and has quickly expanded to over ?100 crores in revenue, with a new brand called Crafts recently established. Another efficient strategy we offer to our clients is to develop a second brand alongside the main one, which will provide variety in the eyes of customers and allow the brand to explore both the luxury and low-cost segments.



Shipping, Ads, DIY – Flat Pack items, creating a brand image, handling client returns and damages, settling unresolved claims, and so on are all issues every furniture category seller or business may confront.

  • Shipping products directly to clients, Amazon and Flipkart, pick up services cannot pick up products weighing more than 18kgs, including box weight.
  • Creating a brand image is another difficulty, as typical business owners are unwilling to spend money on product advertisements they launch, despite having a solid product variety and overall design.
  • Major vendors fail to plan step-by-step sales, accounts, and total receivable / earnings – and 8 out of 10 eCommerce sellers leave selling on marketplaces owing to a lack of concentration and knowledge.

Here at Calibray, we work on a step-by-step plan for market research, product launch, and products to sell. Then, we collaborate with brand management to launch the product at the correct prices that customers expect while keeping the brand's perception and overall aura in mind. Our essential services include defining accurate product details and launching them on Amazon or any other marketplace. Calibray's expertise is in providing a road map for each step to improve sales and execute the plan that has been established.

Currently, we are working with a well-known revolving chair manufacturer who also manufactures IKEA and Amazon's private label brands – the company started selling products that were not DIY as their primary selling channel was offline channels, but after extensive research and working on the catalogue, we launched just four design and a few colour options for revolving chairs and the company is clocking in profits.

Calibray, account management services cover everything from participating in YoY and MoM sales planning to prepare sales MIS reports to providing clarification on taxes, GST/VAT, and all the legal intricacies involved with selling on marketplaces. Check out our Services – We are an A-Z eCommerce marketplaces sales organisation that creates online road maps for your brand.

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