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Strategic Sailing: BOAT's Blueprint for Outsmarting Competitor

09/01/2023 & 16:56 PM


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BOAT's Blueprint for Outsmarting Competitor

Let’s take some back story in this case study boat started in 2014 by the Aman Gupta & Sameer Mehta discovered that the coolest people in our country were looking for affordable, long-lasting, and ultra-trendy audio products to groove to. The boat is India’s first brand that become popular in its domain and dominates the audio products segment this marketing strategy also makes your brand like Boat of your domain.

To build a strong consumer base, the company focused on three key market strategies
  • Needs of your target consumer 
  • desires of the consumer
  • Patterns of Consumer Behavior

BoAt's vision is to create a customer-brand relationship in which customers are treated as members of the BoAt family. For marketing purposes, they also emphasize the boAt brand and position it as an Indian brand. Because Indians love cricket and Bollywood films, BoAt chose cricketers and other celebrities as brand ambassadors. All of this contributed to BoAt amassing a sizable consumer base and becoming a billion-dollar corporation.

Some other ways that have helped boAt climb the success ladder within the Indian audio market are

Putting customer’s initials - BoAt has chosen to decide its user’s "boAtheads," permitting them to become a district of their kindred instead of remaining anonymous.
Same as the boat you also give the name to your buying customer like your business is related to the clothes so u can give the name like “ XYZ ( Brand name ) army. As well as put your customer first means placing your customer first cause this is your customers feel proud to take the name of your brand.
Various improvisations - Boat is well-known for its innovations and improvisations. when discovering the endless complaints concerning Apple charging cables, the corporate created Associate in Nursing indestructible cable for Apple mobile users. As shortly because it accomplished the importance of sports and fall-proof headphones, boAt embarked on to make them, that area unit currently on the market in an exceeding style of colors.
You should focus on your innovations and the improvement of the product so you can make it alive in the competition or you can beat the competition. and make your strong brand value by positioning yourself as a lifestyle brand. Boat refers to them as a lifestyle brand as opposed to a consumer electronics brand.
The boAt product catalog is constantly expanding; from cables to chargers to audio products, boAt is constantly introducing new, innovative products powered by innovative technologies.
Customer targeting - Young people and millennials are the brand's flagship customers, and they are making every effort to impress them at all costs, which is why they are moving quickly.
In this strategy, you should first be figuring out your real and payable customers you can choose the right way to promote your product and make cost-effecting marketing and make more sales without spending more money. If your customer avatar is strong so you can choose the right face for your brand.
Marketing through digital media - The company has avoided traditional channels in favor of digital marketing. Platforms such as Facebook and others have proven to be critical to its success.
Aman is very genius strategy so he chooses the digital medium for the boat you have questions that how to reflect this strategy for your brand so we can help you in that to choose a brand medium to reach your dreams sale target. we are giving you the hand on hand support to make a profitable brand.
Using this strategy Aman Gupta ( boats) made in  5 years will build a 6000 Cr company.
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