The long-awaited eBay marketing tool is officially available: The latest inclusion to the list of good strategies to boost visibility is eBay Pay Per Click (PPC).


The Ads & PPC Management Service for eBay are significantly more powerful than the standard promotion methods of eBay. The old or standard promotion methods of eBay were used to boost the visibility of products without allowing us to choose ad placement, but not anymore. Now the control is in your hands as you can steer your advertising the way you want with Calibray - the most preferred provider of online marketplace management services.

eBay PPC, on the other hand, works similarly to paid ads on Google or Facebook in that it targets customers' search queries on eBay and appears at the top of search results. As a result, we have more control over ad placement and targeting.


Importance of Ads and PPC advertising on eBay:

eBay is one of the most well-established and well-known online commercial marketplaces. It can be a big sales channel for your internet business, with millions of active users. Today, eBay is used by a large number of the country's largest retailers and manufacturers. Selling things on the eBay marketplace has proven to be extremely successful for many businesses. Not only has eBay become an excellent eCommerce platform for these companies, but it is also the most cost-effective online marketplace to sell the goods. When compared to other major online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay typically costs sellers 25% less. Hence, avail the best store management services for eBay from Calibray and stay assured of the quality services.

Advantages of doing Ads and PPC advertising for eBay from Calibray:

  1. Boost visibility:

You can improve customer interaction with your items. When more people view your things, they are more likely to sell. Promoted Listings are known to raise your visibility up to 36%, putting your things in front of more consumers.

  1. Pay only for sales:

For a seller, advertising expense is critical. You will never be stressed when using eBay PPC. Because you aren't charged until a buyer clicks on your promoted listing and buys the promoted item within 30 days, you aren't charged.

  1. Set-up & Reporting:

eBay has a default setup that can do the guesswork for you and advise which things to promote and at what price. eBay's detailed metrics for campaigns as well as sales data allow you to track and fine-tune your campaigns' performance.