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Sales Optimization: Mastering Unconventional Strategies

22/04/2022 & 18:51 PM


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Sales Optimization Strategies

COVID-19's economic crisis has considerably hastened the migration to digital space and shaken up the commercial landscape. However, while it was a wake-up call for organizations hesitant to embrace digital transformation, many industries took the implications in stride.

Apart from the eCommerce market, many B2B and B2C organizations have discovered the value of a digital-first strategy in the post-COVID era. As a result, businesses must improve their position and concentrate on enhancing online sales and growing.

With a CAGR of 28 percent, internet shoppers are predicted to exceed 200 million by 2025, from a stunning 120 million now. Apart from being present where your prospects are, another reason to prioritize digital-first is that it prioritizes targeted marketing in a manner that traditional marketing does not.

However, to increase online sales, you must devise a practical marketing approach and also consult the most promising and distinct online marketplace marketing agency for proper guidance.

Here is how you can optimize your online selling strategies:

1. Create incredible images from day one:

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true in online purchases. Because users will not view, touch, or try on your goods, you must provide them with as much visual information as possible.

Have clear images of the products from various perspectives, taking care that they complement the overall aesthetics of your website. If you want to take it a step further, 3D movies and product demos can be instrumental in persuading potential buyers.

2. Keep an eye on a new promotional way to market your product:

Video allows advertisers to hold their customers' attention for a little longer to showcase product benefits and unique selling factors. In addition, videos may be more imaginative than static photos, allowing advertisers to highlight their brand message effectively.

Sales are driven by ads that are highly relevant and compelling. As a result of Sponsored Brands, Advertisers have complete control over the content pertinent to run each campaign because video ads are keyword targeted. For example, consider a customer scrolling through the search results, with your video ad appearing from the bottom up.

3. Create Coupons:

The most significant consideration in deciding whether or not to buy a product or service is the price. In the buyer's mind, a low price can imply low quality.

Before implementing any pricing strategy, understand how your clients feel about your product so that a price change stimulates the market behaviour you desire.

How can you improve online sales when there are just a few deals and discounts available?

Instant decision:

Good discounts have a lot of clouts when it comes to influencing a buyer's decision. Customers do not want to miss out on limited-time promotions that are beneficial to them.

Convert price-sensitive customers:

Discounts can stimulate price-sensitive clients by creating a special purchase opportunity for them.

Increase sales:

Bundling similar items and services can enhance sales without incurring additional overhead expenditures.

4. Invest more in Sponsored ads & target a specific customer base:

Many sales strategies, such as gaining subscribers, enticing individuals to download an application, remarketing, or even showing a tailored product catalog, can be implemented via social advertisements.

Another advantage is that Social Ads as well as (Pay-Per-Click) PPC management services for Amazon offer a wide range of targeting capabilities that are not available on other platforms. Because social networks have a wealth of information about their users, you can utilize it to build highly targeted advertising.

When you combine the strength of segmentation with several campaign styles and types, you'll notice that this type of advertising allows you to increase your online sales.

5. Participate in lighting deals and promotions if budget allows:

An Amazon Lightning Deal is a campaign that offers a limited number of discount deals on a particular item for a limited time. These excellent bargains are available on, including the Gold Box page, and are limited to one per customer until the promotional period (usually four hours) for the deal expires or all promotional discounts are claimed.

Amazon promotes these offers via daily e-mail subscriptions, the Amazon mobile app, Twitter, Facebook advertising on Amazon's page, and a link from

Products featured in Amazon's Lightning Promotion areas often see an increase in sales for the length of the deal.

6. Reduce Prices / Provide Discounts on Festivals or during special events:

Discounts function as a ruse to attract more customers to your company because people prefer to buy products on sale. If your discount is only valid for a particular number of days, make that clear when advertising the discounted items. When people know they only have a few days to look around, they are more likely to rush in and take a look around. Also, because your store will be busier during the discount time, you may need to schedule more personnel to ensure smooth service. Calibray is one of the excellent as well as most renowned providers of store management services for Amazon.

7. Use programs like FBA / Prime etc.:

Every Amazon seller is constantly seeking new ways to boost their income. However, some methods may be familiar to you already. Common practices in the Amazon marketplace include improving your Amazon product listings so shoppers can quickly find your products and ensuring you offer competitive prices.

These tactics effectively attract more clients to your listings, but they are not your only choice for increasing profits and meeting sales targets. You can also consider using Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service to attract more customers and convert them from lookers to purchases. Because Amazon shoppers trust the Amazon brand, you have gained from employing FBA.

Stay in touch and connect with us for more information or ask us how to do it, and we will guide you in the best way!