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Amazon & Flipkart SEO Mastery Guide

22/04/2022 & 18:29 PM


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Amazon & Flipkart SEO Mastery Guide

The first misconception is that only wealthy companies advertise. Advertising, mainly through digital means, is incredibly economical. You may put $100 into any social or search engine pay per click account and use it to run some highly targeted adverts to raise exposure for your company.

In a social media era, business attitudes do not always correspond to actual numbers. For example, according to several surveys, one-quarter of all firms fail within the first two years. Moreover, while most people assume that the average company has a profit margin of 36%, the average profit margin for the most recent quarter was 7.5%, and the median profit margin was 6.5%.

Why Use Advertising?

All advertising is based on raising awareness. Companies seek Sp ads agency for amazon as well as the advertising awareness for a variety of reasons, including:


It would help if you reached new audiences to increase demand for your brand, products, or services. These audiences can already be found on websites, search engines, social media, radio, television, and other platforms. In addition, companies that have invested in and purchased them offer to advertise to reach those audiences.


People may be aware of your products and services yet have a negative view of your brand. To counteract erroneous brand perceptions, brands may find it necessary (or even critical) to invest in advertising.


Driving sales through advertising can be helpful, but I'd challenge you to spend a week observing traditional and digital advertising and seeing how much of it is focused on discounts and sales. It is, in my opinion, on the decline. Moreover, we frequently discover that, while sales can be improved, organisations that rely on them may degrade their brand in the long run.

What is Direct Advertising?

Direct advertising for a huge online E-Commerce platform like Amazon is a tactic for reaching out to consumers without the need for an intermediary with the help of sponsored ads agency for Amazon. Therefore, it is also known as direct marketing, and it entails using various sales and marketing methods to give consumers the option of doing business directly with the company. To achieve this purpose, direct advertising can take numerous forms.

If you've ever seen the commercials that display alongside search results on Google and other search engines, you're already familiar with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC is a type of online advertising that marketers pay each time a user clicks on one of their ads.

PPC advertising comes in various forms, but one of the most frequent is the sponsored search ad. These adverts display when people search for things online using a search engine like Google - particularly when they do commercial searches, indicating that they are looking to buy something. This could be anything, from a mobile search to any local service search to someone buying for a gift or a high-end item such as business software. All of these queries result in pay-per-click advertisements.

Businesses running ads in pay-per-click advertising are only charged when users click on their ad, hence the name "pay-per-click."

Display advertising (usually displaying banner ads) and remarketing are two more types of PPC advertising.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?

Advertisers cannot simply spend more to ensure that their ads display more prominently than their competitor's ads for ads to appear alongside the results on a search engine. Ads are instead subject to the Ad Auction, a fully automated procedure used by Google and other major search engines to determine the relevancy and legitimacy of adverts that show on their SERPs.

How to manage your PPC Campaign?

Once you've created your new campaigns, you'll need to manage them regularly to ensure they remain effective. One of the biggest predictors of account success is consistent account activity. So you should constantly be reviewing your account's performance and making the following changes to optimise your campaigns:

Add PPC Keywords:

Increase the reach of your PPC advertisements by including keywords relevant to your business.

Add Negative Keywords:

To boost advertising relevancy and avoid the wasted cost, add non-converting terms as negative keywords.

Split Ad Groups:

Increase your click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score by dividing your ad groups into smaller, more relevant ad groups, which will allow you to produce more focused ad content and landing pages.

Review Costly PPC Keywords:

Examine your pricey, underperforming keywords and, if required, turn them off.

Refine Landing Pages:

To increase conversion rates, tailor the content and calls-to-action (CTAs) on your landing pages to individual search searches. Don't direct all of your visitors to the same page.

The average cost of ads:

When you start an advertising campaign, you always want to know how much it will cost. For example, Amazon advertisers spend $0.81 on average for each click on their ad. Calibray can help you with your needs for marketplace ads for Amazon.

The crucial thing to remember is that the price is not fixed. Your advertising campaign prices will be determined by your competition as well as your budget.

You can expect to pay more for extremely competitive keywords if you compete for them. It will spark a bidding war, driving up the price. Because numerous organizations compete for certain ad locations and keywords, you may pay more than the average of $0.81.

Your budget will also have an impact on your CPC. For example, if you have limited budgetary flexibility, this will influence where you set your CPC.

Tips & Tricks for Advertising:

A robust digital marketing plan is required to boost sales for your company. With the opportunity to investigate and purchase anything online, more consumers use the Internet to inform their purchasing decisions, making it an advertising ground you cannot afford to ignore.

However, the Internet is a vast space that provides a plethora of marketing opportunities. It might be tough to know where to begin without a thorough understanding of digital marketing.

Fortunately, you can use a few basic tactics to get your digital advertising off to a good start. We'll look at 10 digital advertising tips to help you get started or boost your campaign.

The 10 finest online advertising techniques and tricks companies may use include:

1. Optimise for search engine optimization (SEO):

Optimizing your web content for search engine optimization is one of the best digital marketing recommendations for beginners (SEO). SEO is all about getting your content to rank high enough for many users to locate it. The most important step is to include target keywords in your website's written content.

2. Launch a pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaign:

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising achieves the same goal as SEO getting your content in front of visitors via Google, but it does so in a different way. PPC allows you to pay Google to have your advertising appear at the top of search results.

You can begin a PPC campaign by creating a Google Ads account. You can bid on the terms you want to target with your ads within that account. You may then create landing pages for the ads you want to run, which will route consumers to when they click on them.

3. Harness social media:

When developing the greatest digital advertising plan, it is in your best interest to go where most people are online. And, given that the average Internet user spends roughly a third of their time on social media, you'll probably want to invest in some social media advertising.

4. Craft compelling content:

Content marketing creates engaging, informational content, such as blog posts, films, and infographics that users will want to watch or read. When combined with SEO, it is possible to rank your material on Google so that people will find it when they search for it.

People will want to return for more of your material that is truly helpful and relevant to your sector.

5. Know and target your audience:

In addition to pursuing large-scale techniques like SEO and social media, you should be aware of several practical digital marketing suggestions. Knowing your audience is one such tip.

It isn't easy to market to people when you don't even know who you're marketing to. From demographics to geographic location, you must have a clear idea of the types of people who make up your consumer base on the world’s leading E-Commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. Calibray is one of the most promising and distinct marketplace management service providers for Flipkart.

6. Use clear calls to action (CTAs):

Even the most amazing persuasive strategies in the world won't help your business if it doesn't finish with a call to action (CTA). Users will not do what you want them to do if you do not tell them what you want them to do.


CTAs give visitors a clear next step to take, usually in the form of a link or button that takes them to the page where they can accomplish it. For example, a call to action (CTA) could be a button that says, "Subscribe to our emails!" or a link at the end of a piece of content that says, "Check out our items!"

7. Display testimonials:

Allow people to hear from your consumers, which is the next point on our list of digital advertising recommendations. People will be sceptical of your self-promotion, but when they see your customers raving about how fantastic you are, they will be a lot more encouraged.

As a result, displaying testimonials on your website and social media can help you.

8. Retarget website visitors:

Users may visit your website and then depart without converting. When this occurs, you should use the next of our internet advertising techniques, retargeting, which involves following up in an attempt to entice them back.

When you utilize email capture forms on your website, you can collect the emails of your visitors. You can then send emails to their inbox encouraging them to visit your website again.

9. Apply unique branding:

One of the most important practical digital marketing strategies for beginners and experts is to instill your company's identity in all of your advertising. For example, if your advertising says, "You need this product," but doesn't add, "This is who we are," you won't get anything out of it.

When customers view an advertisement that does not reflect your brand, they may forget its advertisement and purchase the offered goods from a competitor. Therefore, you need to showcase your company's individuality in everything of your advertising, from your website to your PPC.

10. Track key performance indicators (KPIs):

There is no point in having a digital marketing strategy if you don't test it to see if it's effective.

Every strategy will have pieces that need to be tweaked, and by tracking KPIs, you can see which ones. You can accomplish this by utilizing Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which you can configure for your website.

Here is a list of key KPIs that you must track:
  • Conversion rate
  • Cost per lead
  • Organic traffic
  • Customer lifetime value